Water-Oil Exchangers

Water-oil heat exchangers are used for the cooling of hydraulic circuits and are normally installed in return lines.
The range includes a vast choice of high-efficiency models.
The choice of top-quality materials, worked with precision machines, results in a highly reliable product.
All exchangers have a water circuit that can be inspected in 1, 2, 4 pass and can be fitted with a thermostatic valve, allowing significant savings on water consumption.

MG Water- Oil SERIES

  • MG





    The MG Water- Oil line offers a wide choice of models characterized by high efficiency and the materials used allow a highly reliable product to be obtained that is the optimal cooling solution in a wide range of applications:

    • Hydraulic plants.
    • Food machines.
    • Marine installations.
    • Industrial machines
    • Machine tools.
    • Compressors.
    • Generators.

    Oil operating pressure: 12 bar static max.
    Maximum oil operating temperature: 120°C
    Water operating pressure: 5 bar static max.
    Maximum water operating temperature: 70°C
    Flow rates: 5 lpm to 800 lpm max.
    Exchange power: from 0.07 kW/°C to 8.3 kW-/°C
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