Project-based heat exchangers

EMMEGI specialises in the design of heat exchangers to customer specifications. A customised project originates from the interface with the customers’ technical offices, from the analysis and collection of all the heat exchange, dimensional and regulatory specifications.
The design then continues with the definition of a customized product, according to the necessary machine performances and servos and concludes with the presentation of a competitive offer.
The sales office, working in liaison with the EMMEGI technical office, is at the customer’s service to design a customized product, both in terms of the performance required for fluid cooling and in terms of the dimensions and design of the product. These design and production activities, managed entirely in EMMEGI, guarantee rapid and exhaustive answers and the supply of technical documentation, allowing customers to reduce downtime during the machine design phase and to minimize problems in the prototype production phase.
Here are some examples of potential applications of customized heat exchangers.


The Emmegi manufacturing system, along with almost 50 years of experience on the international market, allows us to develop combined cooling solutions for different applications both in the industrial sector and for special vehicles.
We can manage both the cooling of the water circuit of the internal combustion engine with attached expansion tank, the air circuit of the turbo and the hydraulic part of the hydraulic circuit.
These developments are also available for heat exchangers which only need to cool a fluid in the required form dictated by the available space.
On request, ventilation systems complete with hydraulic or electric motors or with a fan coupled to a diesel engine can be incorporated.
Specifications for marine environments or explosive areas can be applied to the product.


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