Combi coolers for CC SERIES Compressors

Our experience in the field of compressors has allowed us to develop this range of combi coolers called CC which, due to their simple layout, are easy to adapt to multiple compressors with different powers.
These combi units cool both the compressor oil and the compressed air.


  • CC

    The entire range of products is available with electric motors with IP55 protection and three-phase voltage at 50 Hz, such as 230/400V.


    Operating pressure: 13 bar static max.

    Test pressure: 20 bar.

    Max operating temperature: 120°C
    Reference power of the compressor to be cooled: from 4kW to 110 kW depending on the model, as many as 8 in our case.
    You can use this catalogue or our online software to find the best product for your needs.


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