Emmegi heat exchangers

EMMEGI heat exchangers all originate in a detailed design phase with the aim of obtaining the best heat exchange performance.

Our products are used for the cooling of hydraulic systems, endothermic engines (water circuit, intercooler circuit), electrical and electronic components and fluid treatment systems.

EMMEGI products use ambient air, conveyed over the radiator by a fan (driven by electric, hydraulic motors, etc.), optimized to obtain maximum performance and efficiency and reduce sound pressure, as a coolant. The high-tensile aluminum alloy radiator core is obtained by means of a vacuum brazing production process, the best technology to maximize the quality and reliability of the product.

The configuration of the tubes increases the turbulence of the fluid and, consequently, the exchange capacity. The presence of special turbulators on the finned surfaces of the cooling element improves the total transmission coefficient. The result is a small-sized, light, and robust technologically advanced product.

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Air-Oil Exchangers

EMMEGI air-oil heat exchangers are used for the cooling of hydraulic circuits using ambient air conveyed over the radiator by a fan driven by an electric or hydraulic motor as a coolant […]

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Water-Oil Exchangers

Water-oil heat exchangers are used for the cooling of hydraulic circuits and are normally installed in return lines. […]

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Brazed plate water-oil exchangers

Plate heat exchangers are made of corrugated plates. The plates are positioned at 180° to each other, creating a lattice of intersecting channels. […]

gruppi autonomi raffreddamento

Autonomous cooling groups

The low-noise independent air-oil cooling units use the principle of recirculation, independently collecting, cooling, filtering and returning the fluid to the tank.

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ATEX certified heat exchangers

The HPԐX SERIES heat exchanger line was created to meet the needs of customers looking for a product that combines excellent performance with safety in dangerous environments. […]

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Heat exchangers for marine use

SERIES HPAM heat exchangers are suitable for the cooling of hydraulic circuits installed in environments with corrosion class C5, and resistance to 480 hours in neutral salt spray, according to UNI EN ISO 9227 standards.

Combinati per compressori Emmegi

Combi coolers for CC SERIES Compressors

Our experience in the field of compressors has allowed us to develop this range of combi coolers called CC which, due to their simple layout, are easy to adapt to multiple compressors with different powers.
These combi units cool both the compressor oil and the compressed air.

Scambiatori a progetto Emmegi

Project-based heat exchangers

EMMEGI specializes in the design of heat exchangers to customer specifications. A customized project originates from the interface with the customers’ technical offices, from the analysis and collection of all the heat exchange, dimensional and regulatory specifications. […]

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In addition to the complete product, EMMEGI supplies
a wide range of accessories:

• Adjustable thermostats
• Fixed temperature thermostats
• Thermostatic valves
• 3-way temperature regulators
• Electronic variator
• Oil filters

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